status of the online privacy


Each resource on a website to be requested from another domain outside the origin is treated as external. Tracking Protection Blacklist may qualify a resource as tracking facility. At the chart below you see the share of tracking in external resources, grouped by the EU national domain zones. "EU" series aggregates them all.


At the chart below you see the top of trackers operating in the EU national domain zones.

Tracking purposes

At the chart below you see the top of tracking purposes. "Disconnect" is a name of Big3 - Facebook, Google and Twitter.

Tracking directions

At the chart below you see the top of countries where tracking traffic is getting processed.

Personal data breach

At the chart below you see the share of tracking without prior consent (Article 6 GDPR), grouped by the EU national domain zones. Tracking purposes monitored: Social, Fingerprinting, Advertising, Analytics.


Security of personal data is ENISA’s core operational objective and the agency plays a critical role in this field. The topics below require active engagement of all involved parties - institutions, business and the society.

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Securing smart homes and smart buildings from cybersecurity risks becomes more relevant than ever in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. ENISA presents some fundamental measures for securing smart devices.Securing smart infrastructure during the COVID-19 pandemic

The EU Agency for Cybersecurity analyses the cyber risks of the dependency of energy operators on time sensitive services and proposes mitigation measures.Dependency of Energy Operators on time sensitive services

ENISA provides cybersecurity advice to support Hospitals and the healthcare sector against the increase of phishing campaigns and ransomware attacks during the coronavirus crisis.Cybersecurity in the healthcare sector during COVID-19 pandemic

On the 11th May 2020, the Council of Europe and the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity organise a joint webinar on the good practices of collaboration on cybercrime and electronic evidence between CSIRTs and criminal justice authorities including law enforcement officers, prosecutors and judges.ENISA contributes to a Council of Europe webinar on cooperating with CSIRTs to counter cybercrime

In an effort to estimate the degree of maturity of the technical cooperation across national and governmental CSIRTs, law enforcement agencies (LEAs) and the judiciary when it comes down to cybercrime investigation, ENISA has prepared a report that focuses on the tools of these communities to cooperate among themselves and counter cybercrime.Sharing is caring: technical cooperation across CSIRTs, LE and the judiciary

Email phishing attacks have spiked due to Coronavirus. However, protecting ourselves against scams is both a feasible and essential step, discover how!Understanding and dealing with phishing during the covid-19 pandemic

With the COVID-19 outbreak, many SMEs, businesses and citizens had to make a giant leap into the online world. Europeans can count on more than 500 Computer Incident Response Teams (CSIRT) to respond to cyber security incidents and attacks and, since 2017, on the CSIRTs Network. Learn more about what is CSIRT and how it can help you.What is a CSIRT and how can it help me?

In an effort to further enhance the cooperation between CSIRTs and law enforcement (LE), and their interaction with the judiciary, ENISA has developed some additional training material addressing the cooperation across these communities.Training material to enhance cooperation across CSIRTs and Law Enforcement

ENISA offers some practical advice to SMEs with regard to the security and privacy aspects that should be considered upon the selection and use of online communication tools.Tips for selecting and using online communication tools

The EU agency for Cybersecurity introduces new training materials to support Member States’ CSIRTs.New Training: on orchestration of CSIRT Tools

The EU Agency for Cybersecurity explores encrypted traffic analysis’ use cases and identifies security challenges & opportunitiesEncrypted Traffic Analysis: Use Cases & Security Challenges

The EU Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) is seeking a number of talented professionals from a wide range of backgrounds, to reinforce its capacity to shape a cyber-secure future for Europe.We are hiring - Deadline Extended

The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity publishes the report on the 2019 European Cybersecurity Month campaign.European Cybersecurity Month: highlights of the 2019 Campaign

The EU Agency for Cybersecurity publishes a study on existing approaches for secure software development and maintenance while highlighting aspects to be considered under the EU cybersecurity certification framework.Underpinning software security: the role of the EU cybersecurity certification framework

eID: Extending the role of ENISAEarning Trust: ENISA on eID and Trust services

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